Our Services

Treatment Philosophy

“Building families. Building futures.” centers on the family as the agent of change in the treatment process. Family is defined as two or more people, whether living together or apart, related by blood, marriage, adoption or commitment to care for one another.

Growing Home Southeast collaborates with and supports community agencies in a united effort to strengthen families and provide children, youth, and families with opportunities to develop skills in their homes and communities. Based on the belief that individuals, families and communities have strengths, Growing Home Southeast strives to develop and facilitate programs intended to produce healthy, contributing citizens in safe and healthy communities.

Growing Home Southeast believes that every individual has strengths and that provided the opportunities to build upon those strengths they can better cope or overcome emotional, behavioral, psychiatric or medical problems. We believe in addressing key areas of risk, strengthen individual, family and community protective factors, provide adequate intensity and offer a stake in the community. Our collaborative, multi-systems approach utilizes both the internal family system and a community support network. We believe that the family is the agent of change.

A basic principle under which Growing Home Southeast operates is that children and families should be served in a manner and setting that is most like their normal routine. When drastic interventions are used, such as removal from the home, we believe clients should continue to be served in a home setting with structure and supportive services in order to address relevant treatment issues.