Foster Care Services

Growing Home Southeast recruits, trains and licenses foster families for all levels of foster care services. Foster families are recruited from diverse backgrounds and are specially trained to address client needs. All foster families go through a rigorous licensing process.

Referrals for foster care services may be made by contacting the appropriate Regional Director.

Treatment Foster Care
Treatment Foster Care services provide intensive treatment for emotionally disturbed children and/or youth, which incorporates clinical treatment services within a supportive foster home setting. The goal of Treatment Foster Care is to enable a child to overcome emotional, behavioral or psychiatric challenges in a highly supportive, individualized home environment, thereby assisting the child to move to a less intensive setting or to return to the natural home or family setting.

Treatment Foster Care services are behavioral, psychological and psychosocial in orientation and are offered in levels of intensity depending upon the needs of the child, with crisis intervention available at each level. Growing Home Southeast offers services to children and youth who are experiencing emotional, behavioral and/or psychiatric challenges. Children and youth are placed in a supportive and stable foster home with specially trained treatment parents who can assist in addressing their needs.

Medically Fragile Treatment Foster Care
Medically Fragile Foster Care services are designed for children who have moderate to severe medical, developmental or physical problems.  The service incorporates clinical and medical treatment services provided within a structured and supportive foster home setting.  Utilization of Medically Fragile Foster Care is appropriate for long term individualized residential care as well as for shorter term placements.  Medically Fragile Foster Care is primarily medical in orientation, but may include the provision of therapeutic and personal care services to children with moderate to severe physical or developmental disabilities.

Regular Foster Care
The primary purpose of Regular Foster Care service is to provide a safe temporary placement for children who cannot remain safely in the home of their parent(s). The children are in the custody of the state by court order or in the custody of Treatment Foster Care children.