Transition Aged Youth Services

The mission of Leaphart Place is to provide safe, stable and supportive housing for its tenants.  We provide subsidized housing and services to young adults with disabilities who were formally in out-of-home care, homeless or at risk of homelessness.  Tenant housing can be permanent or temporary.

Homelessness (HUD Apartments)
Applicants who are considered “homeless” as defined by HUD, residing in a shelter or being discharged from placement without another option. Certification of homelessness is required.

While Growing Home Southeast does not discriminate against any of the federally protected classes, our target population includes individuals who would benefit most from the supportive services offered. These individuals meet some or all of the following criteria:

  • Support services based on a case management model
  • Skill building and other training
  • Social/Cultural Activities
  • Rental assistance for those who qualify
  • Mental Health Services provided on site
  • Coordinated off-site services with other community service providers
  • Indirect structure and supervision through complex rules and guidelines

Program features of Supportive Housing include:

Growing Home Southeast is committed to creating supportive housing communities for young adults with disabilities. These communities provide young adults with an opportunity to live independently, assume daily living responsibilities and further their educational/skill development while continuing to receive services that meet their medical and/or mental health needs.

Applicants between the ages of 18-28 years old

Foster Youth
Young adults, formally in foster care

Applicants who are diagnosed with a disability by a qualified licensed professional or the Social Security Administration. However, applicants with serious behavioral problems, ongoing/untreated substance abuse or mental illness may not be considered.

Eviction History
Applicants who have not been evicted for cause from other housing.

No Criminal Convictions
Applicants must not have criminal convictions that would adversely affect the safety or well being of tenants or staff or which would adversely affect the viability of the program. Convicted sex offenses, felonies involving crimes against others, violent crimes, drugs or arson are disqualifiers.

25 Hours Week Productivity
Applicants must be able to meet or capable of working toward meeting the weekly 25 hours productive/meaningful activity.

Basic Needs
Applicants must be able to cover their basic needs (to include food, utilities, clothing and other basic essentials).

Referrals, questions, applications, requests for tours may be made by calling 803-791-0634.

Leaphart Place

Leaphart Place was built by Growing Home Southeast as a launching pad for young adults who are aging out of foster care or other state-assisted living arrangements and are at risk for homelessness.

Residents are recommended by Social Services or Mental Health caseworkers and must be approved by a three-person panel, including a Lexington County Mental Health specialist who provides residents with counseling services.

While the 20-apartment facility qualifies as permanent housing, the goal is to help residents learn the everyday skills so they can live independently: how to make a budget, how to shop and prepare meals, how to dress for a job interview.

Most of the residents participate in counseling sessions for issues ranging from anger management to bi-polar disorder. Residents meet to discuss issues that come up at the complex to help them learn to resolve differences in a positive way.

Residents pay rent based on their income. Some receive Social Security disability benefits, some get state assistance and others have jobs. They range in age from 18-25 and come from all parts of South Carolina.

Residents must spend at least 25 hours a week being productive. That means working, going to school or volunteering.

Leaphart Place has a commons room where residents can access the Internet, watch television and make phone calls.

Each furnished apartment has a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen with dining area and a sitting area. A coin-operated laundry facility is available onsite.