Community-Based Prevention Services

The Community-based Prevention Services program provides secondary prevention services to families referred by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCDSS) who are facing conditions affecting their family life and who without services could require intervention by the SCDSS. These services are intended to strengthen families and reduce the likelihood of abuse or neglect. Services provided include parent education and support, concrete services, engagement and referral to a wide range of community resources and any other services that would be beneficial to the family.

Interventions should not be incident driven or investigative in nature but focus on engagement and outreach. Work with families is centered on the family’s wishes/ needs, not the allegations made. The purpose of this service is not to prove or disprove the allegations made to SCDSS, but to insure the safety of the children and engage the family in a working relationship. An additional goal is to improve community networks that strengthen support systems for families in need.

Services provided are timely, integrated, culturally competent family strengthening and voluntary case management services to families in the Columbia, Rock Hill, Florence ad Beaufort areas who have been assessed as having sufficient risk factors that could potentially result in harm to children if left unaddressed. The key goal of the program is to eliminate or significantly reduce identified risk factors for child abuse and neglect and to enhance protective factors in referred families that result in positive permanency. These protective factors include but are not limited to Nurturing and Attachment, Knowledge of Parenting and of Child and Youth Development, Parental Resilience, Social Connections and Concrete Supports for Parents.

Parent Aides are the main service providers with consultation provided by experienced supervisors and clinical staff. Services are based on each family’s needs and include:

  • Safety & Risk Assessment
  • Assessment
  • Service Planning & Monitoring
  • In Home Visitation/Contacts
  • Telephone Contacts
  • Parent Education
  • Assistance with Concrete Services
  • Referral Services